Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I came across a discarded hopscotch recently.
I walked around it before stepping into it.
I suppose I wanted to be sure it was solid.


Acubody by Martha said...

Well J.T. How are ya? Is this he?
Were you following me or I you first on twitter? I don't tweet because I had an issue with it. I am on facebook: veterans acupuncture. That's L.A., always reinventing ouselves. Mom says she sees you with your wife taking walks. How dear. Anyway, I'm mature enough to have a conversation with you now. Yeah, I get it. You could never tell me I don't get it now. Ha ha ha. How about that. Body holding up? Good.
Feel free to e-mail me about life, monogamy, and the pursuit of happiness. I had a great cartoon up, adore it, but took down a lot of stuff, too cluttered. No fish show yet. Thanks for the sketches though. If you get bored send me a vet's PTSD pill box, overflowing. Maybe we can work a trade ;)
Martha e-mail:

neilwaukee said...

thank god wives don't read blogs-

Acubody by Martha said...

Wives do. Roxanne is adorable and probably writes his blogs. They are partners, well she said so. I know the man. He loves sporty dogs and cartoons. A good punch is just his style. Tea for all!