Thursday, July 24, 2008

I am not a gardener, but I talk about it a lot. 
Neighbors are very generous with things that they no longer want.
The combining of these two notions left me with packets of seeds that people had sitting around their homes for years. I felt like it was a community obligation to make these seeds work, but I wasn't so sure. I am lazy. There really is no trick to gardens, it just takes time and or money. 
I have a vacant lot next door to  me in which I turned the soil for about ten minutes and randomly pushed seeds around. Many appeared. Watermelon , cantalope, Squash, Zucinni, carrots, onions, radishes. Its like making people. Random people in a little city. That I made and control. The Mayor. Then I eat the inhabitants and destroy its structures . I'm Godzilla, but not as loud. Its a beautiful, quiet, new age annihilation.   

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