Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I decided not to walk the dogs today. I had an early morning appointment and when I got back simply went about my day. Since these girls(dogs) consumed a pile of cookies I had set out the night before I felt it was OK to forgo the walk. Bitches.


jawcooper said...

What bitches. My cat stole a loaf of bread last night and stashed the half-eaten carcass under the futon to hide what she'd done. Pussy.

J.T. Steiny said...

My, my, my. Well, at least she had the where with all to attempt to disguise the situation. You should look at that as a sign of respect. She (cat) acknowledges your intelligence enough to try and cover up her bad judgement. She just didn't calculate exactly how smart you are. Hmmm, maybe thats not so good. Bitch.
By the way, what does a bread carcass look like?
I think I've seen them out in the wild, but I'm not sure.
At this very moment I am surrounded by four large dogs. I am baby sitting two of my sisters. Thats a lot of friggin' dogtosterone.
Be swell

jawcooper said...
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jawcooper said...

Dogtosterone. Catstrogen.